Depression hurts, this blog might help!!

I remember this commercial I used to hear, “Depression hurts, Cymbarta can help!” Haha ( Not endorsing, unless get paid ) But it always made me think, how can a pill help you? That’s a whole lotta topic to go into, this is not the time. 
Anyways, depression comes in many forms; heartbroken, loneliness, out of shape, anti social, not being where you are in life, that being disappointed with your life. 

Lately I have been dealing with that last part. I am blessed, I have awesome family, many great friends, and good health all around. But still I feel unhappy sometimes, I never figure out why, why am I depressed, few friends that knows and asks me that question, they don’t get a clear response from me. Sometimes not anyone who asks a specific question, it’s someone you can share everything, I’m sure they mean well but you know not everyone can help. For those of you who “categorize” people you have in your life would know what I mean.

There’s a lot of goals I had set up to accomplish in life, That I wanted to have already completed at this age, most of those goals are not met yet or even close. Due to some heavy obstacles and some I can’t blame anyone else but myself.  I sit alone and look at where I am and the destination I wanted to reach but still far away and I’m not aggressive enough as I should be or was. Then it brings me down and then I isolate myself from friends and people around me instead of enjoying my life in the moment. 

You might ask why am I telling you all this, why should you keep reading. I am not alone, you or someone out there who just keeps smiling, happy for you or for someone’s happiness may be going through this same thing. Unable to open up but keeps smiling. Inside they are hurting, heartbroken because they have split with someone they still want, have lost a job and struggling to make it, out of shape but not motivated to act, alone even amongst many friends. I am here for you. Just coz I don’t know who you are or I’m not there to listen to you as I would’ve like to, doesn’t mean you are alone. I am going through the same phase. 

My advice is; keep going, keep smiling, as hard as it is, and I know it is hard to pretend everything is fine, but find someone, anyone that you know will not judge you, condemn you, but just love on you, care and sit down and talk to them, open up, there’s always someone out there that will take time off just to be there for you closely and even if they won’t give you the satisfactory advice you wanted to hear, but they will offer their time, shoulder and ear to hear you and promise to be there for you until you beat this phase of depression. You may think; “oh no one cares for me, no one is around, no one wants to sit down and hear my problems.” That is not true, you are not open enough to see people around you, just cause they don’t come and tell you that, doesn’t mean they don’t, that’s a depression talking. Stop being a downer on yourself, stop rejecting yourself. That’s the worse you can do. You supposed to think great of yourself more than anyone else. If you can’t be on your side, who else will? 

For those who are believers like me, we know God is the greatest listiner, healer and comforter, sometimes we may not feel like He is there, but the truth is, He is the only one who is most there for us day in day out. Talk to Him, tell Him everything, He will make it better for you. 

Reach out to your local church and they will appoint you to the free counseling if need one and help you every step of the way, I know it’s hard, fearfully but there’s nothing to be afraid of, at the end of the day, it’s you alone suffering. Or a friend that you can call and ask to meet and open up, the first step is yours. 

Find a good church community you can plug yourself into, meet people, make friends. Find a good book to read, at a coffee shop, parks, lake, ( not in the water, lol ) educational book, fun and light, positive that will boost your happy bubbles in you. Go take a long nice walk, somewhere safe, at a park, safe hours, with your pet if have one, meet other local neighbors doing the same, be outgoing, engage in good conversations. Have a set up day that you will do something fun that makes you happy, with or without anyone to tag along, something that can be done independently. You have to force yourself in these activities. Some people find things or hobbies they like to do while forcing themselves to do things like these. Finds their mates, best friends, or a great enjoyment, something to look forward to. You won’t get better sitting at home judging everyone who is out there having a fresh air, cup of coffee, being friendly to neighbors. Bring a light in your life, home, it won’t come knocking. 

I can help you, at least want to… comment and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible and get you the help you need near you. Some of you may not find this accurate according to how different your life may be, but maybe adjuctments it’s what you need. 

As for me, I will make that first step and I will tell you how it went. Share this if you think it will help someone you know.

Until next time, thank you for reading and comment away. 

Be the light you want to see in your own life, then share it! 


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